Carolyn Kenny Consulting

Dr. Kenny serves as a consultant to organizations striving to develop creativity, imagination, and communication. Using a combination of experiential exercises with music and the arts and discussion, she helps to guide groups into a greater sense of collaboration and cooperation. These experiences and discussions can enliven relationships and create a space for renewed enthusiasm in the workplace.

Music Therapy
In her practice Dr. Kenny offers a unique blend of Western psychology and traditional Native American healing. In Native societies, music and the arts were at the center of community life and used for both prevention and cure. Music has a capacity to call forth deep emotions that are difficult to express in words. In fact, often children do not have the words to express their feelings accurately. Adults, children and adolescents can use music to express their deepest feelings and concerns as well as their most profound joys. Dr. Kenny’s theoretical foundation, the Field of Play, emphasizes the importance of experiencing the arts as a way to stay in balance and lead a good and healthy life. Music Therapy can help to improve quality of life for people by reducing stress, relieving pain, improving moods, stimulating creativity, eliminating writer’s block, and comforting in time of grief and loss. There are many other applications. Dr. Kenny’s methods include intuitive music playing, imagery and music, musical life review, poetry with music, free association writing with music, art with music.

Music Therapy Supervision
With over 40 years of clinical Music Therapy practice, a history of designing Music Therapy training programs, and a rich background working with diverse patient and client populations, Dr. Kenny makes a wonderful supervisor for Clinical Work. Because of advancing technologies, this supervision can often be accomplished through webinars, iChats, and MP3 files electronically.

Dr. Kenny is available to teach a range of topics through electronic conferencing for groups and individuals internationally. These topics include Music Therapy, Indigenous Studies, Qualitative Research methods such as narrative inquiry, ethnography, autoethnography, portraiture, and arts-based research.